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The Truth About SEO

Most website designers make SEO sound like it's a magic wand that will propel your business into the top of search results. Is it, really?


Hate Computers?

No worries! We have 40 years of experience making complex things easy to understand!


Simple and Affordable

Most service oriented businesses can get everything they need for the cost of a new laptop or mobile device!

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We can show you the easiest and most cost effecive way to build your website and host it yourself!


A Few of the Services We Provide

Most small businesses do not need a complex website with lots of pages. We'll create a website that tells people what they really want to know and moves them to action - as quickly as possible!

Your domain is the most important part of your marketing strategy. If people can't remember your name, they won't search for you. A name like, M&M Trucking or J&L Tax Services doesn't stand out from the crowd. Think of some of the best names in business: Microsoft, Walmart, Pepsi, Ford, Amazon, etc. Keep it simple, unique, and memorable!

Most hosting companies will markup domains and charge other unnecessary fees. We can get your domain at wholesale cost and avoid additional fees.

*Many people give their credit card number over to a hosting giant because they are afraid that web developers might steal their domain or their ideas. We would never do that. But if you're worried about that, just let us know. We'll show you the best way to register your domain at wholesale cost without wasting money or getting yourself into a trap!

Don't be fooled by super cheap hosting packages offered by the big tech giants. They'll get their money somehow! We'll host your website at a competitive rate and include maintenance and updates for free!*

*Terms and limitations apply. Please contact us for details.

Your business listing is the most important part of your online presence. Some people are afraid to set up a business listing because they are afraid of negative reviews - and they should be. Your business listing can be your best friend, or your worst enemy!  We'll show you how to get the most out of your business listing and keep it from destroying your life!

Did you know that you can actually leverage your social network accounts to save money on web development? We'll show you how! 

Friends, there is a lot of misinformation out there about SEO. Not only that, "SEO" services can do more harm than good. Call us before you spend money on "SEO" services. We'll help you sort fact from fiction!

"Analytics" services can become a bottomless pit - and most small businesses don't really need it. Call us before you give away your credit card number. We'll help you decide whether it's something that will really help your business.

There are some big misconceptions about how online marketing really works. We'll help you sort things out!

If you already have time and money invested in a project, but you and your developer are not understanding each other, we can help! 

People LOVE when you speak their language! We can translate your website into Spanish and we have connections with services that can translate your website into (almost) any language that is popular in your area.

If your website or app is not easy to use, people will quickly turn away. We can help make sure your apps are user friendly. 

We can train you (or your team) to design and manage your online assets so you don't have to depend on a third party to do it for you.

Here are 5 simple reasons:

1) You'll quickly learn that "easy" website builders are not so "easy" - or "free". That's why most self-made websites turn out clunky and difficult to navigate.

2) If you don't know what you're doing, the big tech companies will eat your lunch. We can help you avoid spending money on things you don't really need.

3) You need an objective person who can edit your website. Most people who do it themselves make some common mistakes that could easily be avoided with some professional guidance.

4) With the hosting giants, you'll end up paying recurring fees, but YOU do all the work. Let's don't and say we did!

5) If you go with one of the hosting giants, you will not own any of your hard work or ideas. If you want to switch providers, you'll have to start all over.

You can save a lot of time, energy, and money by calling us first!

That's wonderful! But you're probably working too hard. Reach out and we'll show you how a website can help you make more money with less effort!


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